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AMA Travel’s Sneak Peek at Disneyland’s Pixar Pier

Disneyland has updated Paradise Pier with some of your favourite characters from Pixar, and AMA Travel was the only Canadian travel agency to be invited for an exclusive tour to share the news with our customers who love Disney as much as we do!

Pixar Pier Overview

Next week, on July 18 and 19 2018, we’ll be sending our social media expert Brittney Le Blanc to California to get you pictures, videos, expert tips and recommendations on how to enjoy the new park, including:

  • The new Incredicoaster (formerly California Screamin’) with full loop-de-loops
  • Pixar’s 150 foot-tall Pal-A-Round Ferris wheel
  • Virtual shooting-gallery fun with Toy Story Midway Mania!, and new games featuring characters from Wall-E and Wreck-It Ralph
  • New foods to try
  • A brand new fireworks show
  • and much more!

We’ll also be sharing more posts on what’s new with the park once Brittney returns, so stay tooned to AMA Travel’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be the first to know, and book soon so you can be the first to experience it!

Pixar Pier Incredicoaster Dispatch
Together Forever Incredibles

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