What Does the Professional Consulting Fee Cover? | AMA Travel

What Does the Professional Consulting Fee Cover?

AMA’s professional consulting fee provides the services of a trained travel agent, which includes doing all of the research and shopping for you, finding the best value for the price paid, as well as provide you with some personal recommendations on things to do and places to see that would enhance your trip. Basically a travel agent will do all of the heavy lifting for you including making your reservations, selecting seats and other details to take care of you before, during, and after your trip. As an AMA member you receive a savings on the professional consulting fee or if you prefer book your trip online and don’t pay a fee at all.

When booking with an experienced AMA travel agent for cruises, flights, packages/tours, rail, ferries and visas the professional consulting fee varies on the product you book. Prices vary from $9-$59 per AMA member. Non-members will pay $19-79 per person for the preceding products as well as hotels and car rentals. Other conditions may apply.

For more information call 1-844-771-1522 and ask about fee savings for families and groups.