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Road Tripping to Waterton Lake National Park

I have somewhat of a reputation in my office, as I’ve been to every small town in Alberta. The reputation came naturally, because when the neighbour kids were off jet-setting to far away places like Disneyland, my family was packing up the RV to hit the open road — a fair trade-off, in my books. Nothing can compare to travelling in your own country: the excitement of uncovering hidden gems that were always right under your own nose, the freedom to explore, and the lessons you learn about yourself will stick with you for your entire life.

The Journey is the Destination

I’ve learned that it’s not always about the destination, but more about how you get there that counts. In this case, it is both. I was heading south down Highway 22 with the majestic Rocky Mountains on my right hand side and a seemingly never-ending prairie sky on my left. The drive to Waterton Lake National Park is undoubtedly one of the best road trips I have ever taken, and it’s so close to home.The route is called the Cowboy Trail, and for good reason. Driving along, I couldn’t help but get lost in thought wondering what it would be like to take this trip on horseback. It certainly has the best of everything — amazing scenery, great opportunities to see some wildlife, and such intriguing history.

Whether it is stopping to snap a picture of the Burmis Tree by the Frank Slide — said to be one of the most photographed trees in the world — or learning about the row upon row of wind turbines that dot the skyline, this drive has it all.

Soaking it All In

To stop and take photos at every opportunity would turn this little weekend getaway into a lengthy expedition. Seriously, there’s just so much to see on your way to Waterton Lake. But the anticipation of getting out on the water was too intense — whether it’s by canoe, kayak rental, or, my personal favourite, a scenic boat cruise that will take you across the international border — so I kept going. Aside from the water activities, you’ll want to leave time to meander through the quaint little shops in town, too.

Travel Tips for Waterton

Here are a few things to remember if a road trip down to Waterton Lakes National Park is on your must-do list this summer.

  • Our members receive discounts on Annual Canadian National Parks Passes, which includes the Waterton Lakes area. If you’re planning on road tripping this summer, save yourself some money in the process.
  • Second, the Waterton Lakes area has over 225 km of some of the best hiking and biking trails for any skill level, so take your hiking boots or mountain bike and remember that the best road trips don’t often end where the road ends on the map.
  • Keep your AMA card handy because depending on your route there are a few different opportunities to show your card and save. The Frank Slide interpretive Centre in Crowsnest pass, Remington Carriage Museum in Cardston and the head Smashed-in Buffalo Jump in Fort Macloed all offer a 10 % discount off their regular admission price and are all on the way.

Looking for a Similar Adventure?

If you have any questions about my amazing road trip, or need help planning your own personal road trip in North America, we would be more than happy to help out.

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