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Should I Take Travellers Cheques on My Trip?

Member Update

Due to evolving technology and reduced demand from members, travellers cheques are no longer available for purchase at AMA centres. If you still have travellers cheques, don’t worry. The cheques you’ve already purchased don’t expire and they can still be used.

The good news is that there are lots of other payment options you can consider when planning your next trip:

  • Your debit or credit card. They’ve become more common and easier to use abroad, and with online banking, you can monitor your transactions and balance.
  • Preloaded Visa or MasterCard gift cards. These gift cards are available in many denominations. Some banks also offer different types of prepaid reloadable cards.
  • Foreign currency at AMA centres. We carry US Dollars, British Pounds, Euro, Australian Dollars and Mexican Pesos at all of our AMA centres. Members can order other currencies for a small fee with some advanced notice.
  • Ordering travellers cheques through a major bank. Even though we won’t be carrying travellers cheques at AMA, you can still get them at major banks.

If you have any questions about travellers cheques, call us toll-free at 1-844-771-1522 or come in to your nearest AMA centre.