Travelling Solo? Best Solo Travel Tips

Travelling Solo? Best Solo Travel Tips

Have you wondered about travelling on your own, but worry about safety? What do you need to plan ahead for, how do you stay safe and what are the places to go and not to go? AMA Travel created Go Solo, for solo travellers who want to explore the world on their own but not alone. Here are few solo travel tips before you leave.

Personal Safety and Security

  • Carry small amounts of cash in small denominations and in different locations – pocket, handbag, backpack, or use a waist/neck safe.
  • Always have a small amount of local currency within easy access so you don’t have to start digging around and drawing attention to what you have in your bag.
  • Reduce the amount of cash you carry and use a cash card. Just about all major cities now have ATM’s that dispense local currency.
  • Don’t carry your passport with you unless absolutely necessary. It should be locked away in the hotel safe or your luggage. If you do have to carry it, make sure it’s in the safest place in your handbag, carry-on or on your body. Travel with a photocopy of your passport and be sure to leave a copy at home with a friend or family member. Your passport is the last thing you want to lose when travelling in a foreign country!
  • Carry some form of ID with you while out touring, even the hotel business card, in the event that you were ever in an accident or get lost. Carrying the hotel business card is also handy for taxi drivers to help find your way back home, as the address is often written in the local language, as well as English.
  • Dress appropriately and be respectful of the culture and country you are visiting.
  • Don’t venture off the beaten track. If you do embark on an adventure, let the hotel concierge know where you’re going, or leave a copy of your day’s itinerary in your hotel room.
  • Don’t travel with expensive jewelry – leave it at home and purchase some fun, locally crafted jewelry along the way.
  • When enjoying the company of strangers, be careful about sharing too much personal information or placing undeserved trust in them, until you know more about their background.

Getting to Know Your Destination

  • When you first arrive in destination, find your bearings by taking a local walking tour or organized city tour – you will meet fellow travellers and gain new insights into the destination, giving you a greater sense of security and belonging.
  • Arrive at your destination in the daylight, so as not to be confused or disoriented at night, and there will be plenty of people around to seek advice, directions, etc.
  • Doing a little homework before you go can vastly enhance your getaway. Try signing up for daily deal sites (e.g. Groupon, Living Social) and find offers for local restaurants and activities that you can redeem once you’re there. Also, read up on the place that you’re travelling to – there’s nothing worse than finding out about an amazing event or attraction after you’ve returned home.
  • If you have a special interest, pursue it at your destination – e.g. sign up for a half-day cooking class; take a painting class; find a wine tasting event; find the local gym or go for a jog –ask the hotel concierge for a safe populated route.
  • Integrate with the locals – take advantage of friendly welcoming hospitality, and ask for local insider tips on what to do in the area. They’ll definitely know the best eating spots!

Dining Alone

  • Take some reading material with you – this gives you a sense of being preoccupied while you’re waiting for your meal to arrive, or to linger a little longer afterwards.
  • Sit at a table by the window or where you can easily do some people watching, which helps pass the time and can be highly entertaining.
  • Choose a restaurant with communal seating where you can just pull up at a counter or large table and easily take part in conversation with fellow diners.
  • Ask another solo diner if you can join them at their table, especially if it’s crowded, but only if they appear friendly and open for a chat.

AMA Travel can help you find the right trip and give you great advice, travel tips and recommended destinations, all in the company of other like-minded solo travellers. Let our team of travel experts help you discover all the ways you can see the world solo but not alone.

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