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A Vegas Christmas Getaway

Vince Jackman, Travel Counsellor Email | 403-309-8138

Whether you want to get married by Elvis at the Viva Las Vegas Chapel or wine and dine at some of the finest restaurants, Vegas has it all. The hotels, the shopping, the lights, the shows, the nightlife, the people — it’s amazing how much you can pack into just a few streets.Most people like to head to Vegas in the warmer months to lounge by the pools and soak up the desert sun, but Vince Jackman, a travel counsellor at AMA, likes it best over the Christmas holidays. “We head to Vegas for a birthday each year in December and I love the decorations that the hotels put up,” Jackman says. “I love the outdoor skating rink at the Venetian Hotel or the Main Garden at the Bellagio Hotel where the theme changes each year.”

Something for the Vegas Newbie

The shows and concerts in Vegas are some of the most highly regarded on the planet. From gravity defying acrobatics in any Cirque de Soleil show to the unbelievable vocals from artists like Cher and Shania, Jackman says they’re all amazing and something you should definitely see.And if you’re feeling lucky and plan on hitting the roulette table, he recommends signing up for either the M Life Players card, which is usable at any of the MGM hotels, or the Total Rewards card offered through Caesar’s entertainment for their hotels. These cards will give you points to use towards various offers such as room, meal, and show discounts.

Something for the Vegas Veteran

For the seasoned veteran, Jackman recommends Hot and Juicy Crawfish, located in Chinatown. “We eat here every year,” Jackman says, and points out that once you’ve checked in to your hotel there's no better place for crawfish, shrimp, and a much-needed beer.And since you’ll already be off the strip, Jackman recommends checking out Sam’s Town Hotel, located on the Boulder Highway. Known for having some of the best free entertainment in the city, the hotel transforms its Mystic Falls Indoor Park into a winter wonderland.

Something for the Bucket List

Each December, they stay for five nights before flying home on Christmas Eve. This way they get to enjoy all the Christmas festivities without breaking the bank — it also gives them a chance to pick up a gift or two at the outlet shops.Even for a repeat visitor like Jackman, he says there's one thing he'd still like to do in Vegas. “One of these times I would love to spend New Year’s in Vegas. All the hotels have major parties and the main strip is closed to cars. At midnight, there is an amazing firework show that I’ve always wanted to see in person!”

Looking for a Similar Adventure?

Las Vegas is a perfect destination for anyone wanting to take in the shows and enjoy the best food the city has to offer, during the holidays or any time of the year. If you have any questions or are interested in enjoying a similar experience, contact Vince by email or at 403-309-8138.