Where Can I Save in the Rockies? | AMA

Where Can I Save in the Rockies?

With so many activities to do in the Rockies, it's easy to blow the budget. Thankfully, you have an AMA membership card to help keep costs down.

That membership card of yours might be small, but it's also mighty. Why, it can give you a mountain of savings without even breaking a sweat. It's so good it'll even pay for itself in no time — keeping more dollars in your wallet for your next getaway.Take our Rockies — there are tons of great member deals, so don't forget to pack your card. You can save over $200 with these great deals when you head out to Jasper and Banff for your weekend getaways:

Save up to 15% during your weekend stay in Jasper

  • Jasper Skytram - Take a trip up Whistler's Mountain for an incredible view. Couples save $12.
  • Miette Hot Springs - Soak up the savings. Enjoy one of Alberta's best-kept secrets.
  • Jasper Raft Tours - Enjoy an easy rafting/scenic float trip down the Athabasca River. Couples save $20.
  • Jasper Rafting - Save 10% on morning rafting tours.

Save up to 15% during your weekend stay in Banff and Canmore

How to save up to 20% on a weekend in the Rockies

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