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Booking Your Vacation Early Is Best—5 Reasons Why

Early birds do get the worm when it comes to booking a vacation. For those of you subscribed to AMA Travel’s weekly emails, you already know there’s plenty of great offers if you’re able to pack your bags and depart fast (within two weeks to a month). But those last-minute deals dry up during high seasons like Christmas and New Year’s, Reading Week, or Spring Break and Easter vacation.

AMA travel agents agree: It’s the sooner the better when planning a trip. That’s because flights and hotels get snapped up quick for the busy dates when more travellers have time off from work and school.

Here’s a list of early-booking advantages you might not have known.


1. Added Incentives

Hotel, cruises, and airlines want you to commit early, so they sometimes bundle extras on top of their vacation packages. When booking a resort package, you may receive credits to spend on site, category upgrades, free nights, dining credits, or other great offers.

TIP: Ask your AMA travel agent about some of the latest offers for destinations you’re planning on visiting.


2. Deposits

When you book in advance you have the option to put down just a deposit and pay the balance at a later time. This gives you the ability to secure your reservation without paying in full and take the time to save for your trip while knowing you have secured the best space.

Please note that a deposit option is not available when making online reservations.

TIP: Some vacation partners will allow you to make a deposit for as little as $0.


3. Price Drop Guarantee

Price Drop Guarantee is available for those who book select WestJet and Transat vacations for the winter season.

How does it work? If the fare drops on your deal after you’ve purchased, you can get the difference credited back. Bookings must be made before the end of August or later, but varies by vacation partner.


4. More Availability

Unlike last-minute deals, by booking early you give yourself the best opportunity. You have more options to choose better hotels, better flight routes and seating (less chance of getting the middle seat), and more destinations without being limited by reduced inventory.


5. Budgeting

Leaving your purchase to the last minute means that prices could be at an all-time high. This is especially important for peak travel periods such as the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season.

TIP: Book a minimum of 8 – 12 weeks in advance to get the best rates for your trip.



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