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Why Long-Stay Vacations Shouldn’t Stay a Travel Secret

Would you rather do…

  • A week in Florida or a month in Malta?
  • 10 days in Mexico or 25 days in Spain?
  • Two weeks in Hawaii or over a month in Australia?

I’m confident most travellers would pick the second option. Longer trips = better trips! However, they’re usually a lot more expensive.

But that’s not the case with long-stay vacations. In fact, the examples above can be booked for the same price.

Never heard of the term? You’re not alone. While researching this article, I noticed something interesting. A Google search reveals that “long-stay vacations” is used almost exclusively by AMA Travel and other partners like Air Canada, Transat, and Goway. Not customers.


What’s a Long-Stay Vacation?

A long-stay (or extended-stay) vacation is a trip that lasts 20 days, a month, or even up to 45 days.

These vacation packages typically include:

  • Round-trip airfare
  • Airport transfers
  • Hotel or condo accommodations
  • Daily breakfast
  • Assistance from a local Canadian host


Why Do We Love Long-Stay Vacations?


Great value

Long-stay vacations are a sweet deal. On average, you’re getting three weeks of getaway time in a warm, exotic destination for the price of a one-week all-inclusive resort.

Example: Expect to pay only about $2,150 for a 22-day vacation in Malta.

More adventurous

The greater time afforded by long-stay vacations gives you the opportunity to explore your destination as little or as much as you want. Rent a scooter and visit the surrounding villages. Take a day trip and find a secluded beach. Tee off on all the golf courses in the area.

Feel like a local

One of the most rewarding things about long-stays is you get to live in a destination like a local. So get out there and meet your neighbors. Learn a new recipe, pick up some local ingredients, and cook it at your condo. Soak up the language, music, art—and learn the stories behind every street and building.

Canadians close at hand

Nervous that you’ll be on your own in a new country? Don’t be. There’s definitely going to be other Canadian travellers in your area, so you’ll make friends fast.

Plus, almost all long-stay vacations have a local Canadian host living nearby if you ever need recommendations or assistance.


Top Long-Stay Destinations


Algarve, Portugal

AMA travel agents recommend Portugal’s southernmost Algarve region. Some of the finest beaches in Europe, spectacular cliffs, and charming villages bask in the sun along the ocean.

Don’t miss: Dine on fresh sardines, cod, and cabbage or take a cycling tour to the highest points in Algarve.

Sorrento, Italy

The town of Sorrento, backed by mountains on the Amalfi Coast, has been attracting travellers since Roman times. Avoid the busy summer and enjoy the slower pace of the temperate winter season.

Don’t miss: Take a hike along the Sentiero degli Dei (Path of the Gods) or do a cruise circuit around Capri.


This tiny island only measures 27 km by 14 km, but it’s jammed full of beautiful sights and many different cultural influences.

Don’t miss: The Game of Thrones tour or rent a car and drive to the soft sands of Golden Bay.

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Laidback Sunshine Coast has the best of Australian beach culture, outdoor restaurants, and gorgeous coastal scenery.

Don’t miss: Spot native koala, glossy black-cockatoo, ground parrot, and wallum froglet in Noosa National Park or board a scenic flight above the Sunshine Coast.



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