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5 Reasons Why Travel Insurance Is Totally Worth It

October 5, 2016

No one likes to stop and think about all the bad things that could take place on a trip.

But when you go away on vacation, you’re not going to be covered against a messy list of emergencies and complications:

  • Vehicle accidents
  • Hospital visits
  • Dental expenses
  • Cancelled flights
  • Lost luggage

Is travel insurance an investment? No, it’s a fail-safe. It’s peace of mind.

In other words, this small sunk cost will ensure that whatever happens on your travels away won’t put a huge dent in your bank account and cause you a huge inconvenience.

Here’s some more details on why you need to get travel insurance next time you journey away from home.


1. Your Credit Card or Group Plan Probably Isn’t Enough

Do you remember your credit card or employee group plan having travel insurance included? Maybe?

Before you walk through Departures, take a second look at your policy booklet.

Many credit card or group plans don’t have nearly the same level of coverage compared to a standalone package like AMA. Here’s what you should check:

  • The coverage limits ($ amounts, medical services, emergency types, etc.)
  • Pre-existing conditions—are they covered?
  • Air ambulance expenses
  • Are claims payed out directly?
  • Any family allowances?
  • Deductible amounts?

Whatever policy you get, the most important thing is to make sure it fits your individual needs. View all travel insurance packages


2. Alberta Health Care Doesn’t Cover You 100% in Other Provinces

Canadian public healthcare is a great thing.

But if you’re an Albertan exploring Canada, you might be surprised to know that you’re not covered for certain medical services outside the province. A breakdown of some of the gotchas:

  • There’s reciprocal billing for services like hospitalization, doctors, x-rays, etc., in all provinces except Quebec.
  • You’re not covered for things like ambulance, air ambulance, return of vehicle, return of deceased, family transportation to bedside, emergency dental, eye glass or hearing aid replacement.
  • Air ambulance transport can cost up to $20,000 from B.C. to Edmonton or $38,000 from Ontario to Calgary. Ouch.


3. Travel Insurance Isn’t Expensive

This one’s simple. Travel insurance is affordable. Even for those over 55 years of age and with health conditions.

For instance, medical coverage for your weeklong trip to Mexico can be secured for as little as $25.

And it’s certainly more affordable than getting stuck with a hospital bill well into the tens of thousands of dollars if you get sick or injured in a foreign country.


4. Buying Your Policy Is Really Easy

Travel insurance is supposed to protect you in the event of something bad happening. Not something bad that has already happened. So make sure you snap up your insurance package early. Like when you first book your flight and hotel.

Remember: If you’re 55 years or older, you’ll also have to complete a quick medical questionnaire. See for yourself—AMA Travel’s questionnaire is straightforward and easy to fill out.

Altogether, it’s not going to take you any longer than five minutes to apply for your policy.


5. You Can Get Coverage for a Whole Year

Do you travel frequently?

  • Business meetings across Canada
  • Winter vacations down south
  • Ski trips to B.C.
  • Road trips to Saskatchewan
  • Cross-border shopping trips to the States

You can get a multi-trip insurance plan that covers you for a full year. Buy it once, and you’re protected wherever you go.


Need to grab travel insurance for your next trip?

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