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Why Should I Use an AMA Travel Agent When I Book My Vacation?

You can research your destination using resources in person, online, and in print. However, there are benefits to using travel agents. For instance, our AMA Travel Agents are here to help you through the entire process before, during, and after your trip.

  1. Research assistance from an AMA Travel Agents can be extremely helpful when planning your trip. They can ensure your holiday runs smoothly and that no detail is overlooked. Plus, they know all sorts of options that can stretch your budget in ways you might never have imagined.
  2. Travel agents have easy access to current information like: documentation details, destination information, travel and weather alerts, and airline schedule changes. They also provide information such as which countries require a visa and/or passport, immunizations, and even international drivers permits.
  3. Experienced travel agents can save you time and money. They can often get you the same deal you've researched, or better, in a third of the time.
  4. Your travel agents understands and can recommend insurance coverage to protect you and your investment.
  5.  With an AMA Travel Agents you can avoid the uncertainties of booking online. They provide security in knowing you have someone trustworthy to turn to if you require assistance.

Our Travel Agents Are Certified and Qualified

When you book your vacation, trip or flight, make sure you book with someone who is certified, qualified, and who has a wealth of information shared by other travel agents at their fingertips. Our travel agents will ensure you have a safe, planned vacation, with no unhappy surprises. If the worst should occur, our agents will bring you home safely. See Travel Agents consulting fee.

Here are some of the certifications our agents can hold:

Anaheim Orange County Specialist, Aussie Specialist, CATS by Trek, CLIA ACC Designation, CLIA ECC Designation, CLIA ECCS Designation, CLIA LCS Designation, CLIA MCC Designation, College of Disney Knowledge, famous AGENTS, Ke Kula O Hawaii, Los Cabos Expert, Magic of Mexico, Papa Hawaii's Big Island Training Course, Papa Kauai Training Course, Papa Lanai Training Course, Papa Maui Training Course, Papa Molokai Training Course, Papa Oahu Training Course, PV Pro, Safe Travel Planner for Travel Counsellors, San Diego Specialist Program, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Specialist Program, Seaworld Specialist, Travel Institute - DS Caribbean, Universal Specialist Program, and Vancouver Specialist Program (VSP).

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