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Uniworld River Cruise Destinations

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Uniworld River Cruise Destinations

With over 20 countries to visit, how do you choose which Uniworld destination is right for you? We’ve collected a few of their best offerings, along with a variety of themed cruises to help you decide.

European Destinations

Uniworld specializes in cruises on Europe’s rivers. Whether you are looking to storm a castle, sample the fruits of a vineyard, or dine at a local couple’s table, you will find adventure on every bank of their European destinations.


Central Europe

Visit the gardens and windmills of the Netherlands
See castles on the banks of the Rhine
Enjoy the art and food of Vienna while sailing the Danube
Sip microbrews from German distilleries
Discover the majesty of Budapest’s lights



Marvel at the art and fashion in Milan
Walk the organic vineyards of Verona
Tour through St. Mark’s Basilica
Shop in Viennese street markets


Portugal & Spain

Sail from Portugal to Spain down the Duoro
View ancient hilltop cathedrals in Porto
Attend lectures on Spain’s winemaking history
Journey through Spain’s historic Golden City, Salamanca



Float from Paris to Normandy on the Seine
Learn of heartbreaking WWII battles on the fields where they happened
Taste the flavours of Southern France’s food and wine
Visit the palaces of Marie Antoinette and Napoleon’s Josephine

Around the World

If you want to experience cultures that are vastly different than your own, Uniworld will take you beyond Europe! Down the Nile, Mekong, Yangtze, and Ganges lay a world of discovery.



Catch a glimpse of the Great Wall
Shop in Shanghai’s metropolitan streets
See the thousand-year gardens of Hangzhou
Blend old and new worlds together in Hong Kong

Vietnam & Cambodia

Watch hundreds of fish swim the Mekong river
See the blending of Vietnamese and French Colonial architecture
Eat traditional Vietnamese food in a local’s home
Visit Ho Chi Minh city, Hanoi, and several Cambodian sites


Sail the Neva, Svir, and Volga rivers
Discover Moscow’s complicated political history
View the beautiful Russian countryside
Take in hundreds of years of Russian art


Cruise down the Nile, the birthplace of an empire thousands of years old
Pay respects to ancient rulers in their tombs
Be introduced to a pantheon of gods as you visit their temples
Become an archeologist as you sort through artifacts in Cairo


Discover the Golden Triangle of Jaipur, Delhi, and Agra
Walk the streets of Jaipur’s Pink City
Learn the stories of humanitarians Mother Teresa and Ghandi
Dine on traditional Indian curries and other dishes

Playing on a Theme

To make things even easier, Uniworld has created themes around specific interests to help you find the perfect sailing.

Family Trips
Family Trips

For those who want to bring their children, the Generations collection makes sure that kids are always engaged, and even identifies the type of activity your child most enjoys (arts, activities, history, food, and thrills!)

Royalty Watchers
Royalty Watchers

The Monarch collection takes guests on tours that relate to the aristocracies of times long since past, though who knows, you may meet royalty on one of your guided excursions


The Connoisseur collection highlights the harvest of the region, bringing produce, meat, wine, and beer from local farms onboard, and guiding you through the best vineyards and orchards while on excursions. Uniworld even has a partnership with VizEats so you can enjoy a meal prepared by a local family

Jewish Heritage
Jewish Heritage

As the name suggests, these cruises are based on the travels of the Jewish people around Germany, focusing on the Jewish resurgence in Germany and how they settled along its banks in centuries past

Christmas Cruisers
Christmas Cruisers

Uniworld’s Holiday collection makes it so you can shop for your gifts across numerous countries in European markets, experiencing New Years and Christmas traditions you might just have to adopt as your own

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