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Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking Ocean Cruises

In 2013, Viking Cruises took to the ocean. However, their company philosophy didn’t change: They still focus on providing a transcendent and intimate experience rather than a party at sea.

They do this by keeping cruise sizes small (around 1000 guests), and providing everything a passenger could need to be immersed in the local culture.

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Viking River Cruises Destinations

Viking Ocean - Destinations - Stockholm, Sweden
Viking Ocean- Destinations - Miami, Florida
Viking Ocean - Destinations - Sydney, Australia

Viking Homelands - Two weeks aboard Viking will bring you to Helsinki, Bergen, Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm and St. Petersburg, and all the while Norwegian fjords, rustic towns, and breathtaking geography will be your scenery.

Northern Europe - Nordic adventures await. Amsterdam in the Netherlands. London in Britain. Barcelona in Spain. Trail the Vikings with a tour from Bergen to Montreal, or explore the British Isles from Bergen to Greenwich.

Caribbean - Panama and Central America will be at your feet, their sands as white as the West Indies and Miami.

Mediterranean - Warm waters reflect the colourful buildings of Spain, Italy, and Greece. Explore ancient trade routes and become a champion of ancient empires.

Asia & Australia - Extraordinary sights lay along the Pacific Ocean. Exotic animals explore the outback of Australia and the shores of New Zealand, while the cities of Bangkok, Hong Kong, Beijing and Tokyo must be seen to be believed.

Grand Voyages - Sail the trails of some of the world’s greatest explorers. Follow the voyage of Marco Polo from Athens to Bangkok, or trail the Pacific Rim from Australia to Asia to Alaska. If you have the time, you can even cruise around the world in 120 days.

Viking Ocean Cruise Excursions

Viking Ocean Cruises intentionally kept their ships at a smaller size. This allows them to reach ports other cruise ships simply can’t sail, meaning that with Viking Cruise excursions, you’re often arriving in the middle of the coastal city you’re about to visit.

And not only are you in the center of the action, you stay longer than most cruises, meaning you’re not rushed through sightseeing, tours, or your own exploration.

While at shore, you'll:

receive a complimentary shore excursion in every port

an opportunity to dine at local eateries

be taken to see local culture, art, and performances

Cruise Ship Amenities

While Viking Cruise’s ships vary slightly from Europe to Asia (adjustments are made according to the depth of their respective rivers) their offerings are standard among their Viking Longships sailing the European rivers.

complimentary local wine and beer included with onboard meals
spa and fitness center access
self-service laundering
airport transfers with the Viking Air program
guest lectures, an onboard resident historian, and TED talks

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