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Ally Sneath

About Me

Ally specializes in traveling across the Atlantic provinces, and being from Nova Scotia helps her provide a personal touch on trips out East. She can tell you where to find the best donair, what beaches have the biggest waves, and which festivities are happening depending on the time of year. She’s lucky that her family lives so close to the ocean, as Halifax is where she travels to most often, allowing ample time at the beach. Now that Ally calls Edmonton home, she truly embraces Canadian explorations more than ever – having driven across the country on several occasions. She believes that when you experience new places you learn more about yourself. Since planning a trip may be intimidating to some, Ally enjoys providing Albertans with peace of mind before they travel. Having someone else do all the planning gives you the time to relax and get excited for your trip. So, whether you’re heading to the slopes in Jasper, or checking out the breweries in Portland, Ally is here to help.

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