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Candace Paton

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When visiting a Disney park, should you stay on-site or off? If you’re going on a cruise, how can you make disembarking super easy? What should you pack, when should you book, and what are the absolute best options to take on your next trip?

If you are going on a cruise or making a trip to a Disney park, talk to Candace. With 17 cruises under her belt and five trips to Walt Disney World (just enough to actually experience the entire park!) you’ll be equipped with one of the best items you can fit in your carry-on: preparation.

But that’s not all Candace can help you with. Having done quite a bit of travelling herself over her thirty years in the travel industry – with trips to Australia, New Zealand, river cruises across Central Europe, Northern Italy, and shorter trips such as Toronto and Phoenix – Candace will take the fuss out of travelling no matter where you go, leaving just the experiences and the memories.

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