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Colleen Hodgson

About Me

Travel is more than an escape from daily life; it’s an opportunity to experience the world from different perspectives. Whether she’s booking luxury cruises or exotic bucket-list getaways, Colleen encourages her clients to be flexible and wander from their comfort zones.

She fell in love with travel while working for a local tour operator, a position that inspired not only her career but her own globetrotting adventures. After graduating from MacEwan’s travel program, she worked for several Edmonton agencies including AMA South. After relocating to Maui to raise a family, she rejoined AMA in 2005 and has since enjoyed success working with the popular Go Solo Program. Other areas of expertise include destination weddings and affinity group and family travel, demonstrating her expertise and knowledge of the industry.

While travelling, Colleen loves nothing more than immersing herself in local culinary scenes. Instead of shying away from traditional delicacies, she samples a bit of everything, daring herself to blend in with the locals. She believes that spontaneity is the key to memorable travel experiences and helps inspire her clients to feel the same.

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