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Laila Tahan

About Me

Laila has been helping AMA members for the past ten years, and was awarded the Sales and Service award in 2015 for her excellent work. She fell in love with traveling when she was a child. It started with family vacations: Some were road trips, and some were adventures around Venezuela where she grew up. Laila learned to swim in the Caribbean Sea, where she could see her toes through the crystal clear blue water and feel the brilliant sun on her skin.

More recently, Laila travelled to Petra, Jordan and Paris, France. She enjoyed the detailed architecture and interesting history. People often ask what she enjoys most about travelling, but she can’t choose just one thing. She enjoys beaches, history, nature, and the unique culture in every place she visits.

When her clients ask for travelling tips and tidbits, Laila is always happy to give recommendations based on their destination. She likes to make sure that each trip is personalized, and that her clients enjoy the ease and comfort she provides to make the most out of their experience.

Centre Location

Calgary Crowfoot