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Michaylla McKinnon

About Me

Oh hey there - did you just catch yourself looking into some travel ideas online? GREAT news - you have just landed on my personal booking site. I have been with AMA since February 2011. I managed to catch this travel bug back in 2008 when I experienced my first trip out of the country - and also WITHOUT my parents. This opened my eyes to a whole new world. We all start dreaming about what we would love to do one day - some of us dream and others, well, they do what they start dreaming about. My dream started with photography and becoming a travel agent. The more I travel the more I learn more about why I travel. Why do I travel? I travel for food, culture and the experience. Every destination comes with a list of restaurants that I must try and a smaller list of ones I hope that I can make it to. After going through Rome and eating the best pasta and tomatoes I have ever had in my life to being in San Francisco for the seafood and the traditional sourdough soup bowl, It's pretty clear that I am a foodie at heart! I have been to Mexico 5 times now, and have been to Disneyland once and most recently had a great time in Ireland even with the driving on the other side of the road. I look forward to making your own travel dreams a reality and creating memories for you and your family to last a lifetime!

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