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Renee Weimer

About Me

As a child – long before she was ever given a desk, or plotted flights and transfers across international waters – Renee would stay up with her father and pour through travel magazines, looking for a suitable destination for her mother’s annual Christmas travel gift. Maybe it was the pictures and descriptions of paradises such as Tahiti and Barbados, or piecing together the perfect vacation, but a career travel agent was born on those long nights at the kitchen table.

Today, nearly thirty years after starting in the travel industry, Renee has any number of amazing destinations she’d like to share under her belt, including trips to Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. Whether you’re looking for an amazing cruise, a relaxing escape, or something a little more adventurous that’s off the beaten path, Renee is here to take out worry, and set you on your way, with fun and discovery as the destination.

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