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Rosetta Giampa

About Me

There’s no doubt Rosetta loves to fly; anywhere a plane is going – she wants to be on it, travelling to the next exciting destination. Naturally, she studied travel at Grant MacEwan and was eager to start working in the travel industry post-graduation, in 2002. It’s not just about planning her own exciting vacations – Rosetta loves to be apart of the excitement in planning vacations for other people too. Destinations such as Tahiti, Africa, New Zealand, Peru and the Caribbean are what Rosetta finds particularly amazing. She enjoys travelling with an open mind, learning to appreciate each set of exclusive standards in a country. Rosetta specializes in Africa, New Zealand and South Pacific, Cruising, Peru, Disney, Italy, Greece, destination weddings and honeymoons. She encourages you to experience everything possible – the food, the culture and most importantly when available, the beaches.

Centre Location

Edmonton Kingsway