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Sharla Heighton

About Me

Sharla Heighton is a specialist in sending a lot of people to far-flung places – which is to say she’s an expert in group travel. That may mean sending an office team to a training seminar in an exotic locale, or planning a beach-side wedding where the sand is hot and the ocean is cool. Her twenty years of experience and Sales & Service Award showcase her ability to take the work out of a complicated trip, leaving you with a life-changing experience.

However, Sharla does more than just groups. She is an experienced traveller herself! Sharla’s journeyed throughout Europe, taken a cruise on the Black Sea, and enjoyed destinations such as Ukraine, Bulgaria, Egypt, Cyprus and Rhodes. She also has travelled closer to home seeing Alaska by cruise, the Caribbean islands, and Mexico. So if these vacations sound like the perfect spots (paired of course with a beach and great food), or you’re travelling in a large group, call Sharla. She’ll be with you before, during, and after your trip.

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