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Shawnda Beaudoin

About Me

Shawnda lived overseas in high school, which offered her the opportunity to travel quite a bit in Europe. However, it was in Calgary that she discovered her love of travel. She was working in a grocery store that had a travel office within it. After a couple of years of speaking with the store manager about travel, she decided to make this the focus of her post-secondary studies.

Shawnda started in the travel industry in 1998 and has been with AMA for 15 years. She has received the sales and service award for 12 years in a row! Her favorite part of working in travel is hearing all about the worldly experiences that her clients encounter. She is one of the few elite cruise counselors at AMA. She also books weddings and family groups, and specializes in many destinations: Asia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Iceland, Mexico, and most of Europe. When you’ve travelled as extensively as Shawnda (over 45 countries), it’s difficult to narrow it down to a favorite. Some more recent destinations she found to be particularly amazing include New Zealand, Cambodia, Kenya, and European river cruises. She enjoys experiencing the history and trying the local food in the area. Shawnda recommends that you go with an open mind and be ready to learn.

Centre Location

Calgary Crowfoot