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Stephanie Playdon

About Me

Stephanie has been working in the travel industry since 2014. She loves helping Albertans find unique destinations and activities that they typically wouldn’t find online. Some of the highlights of her travel experiences are Japan, Peru and New York. Stephanie has experience planning North American trips such as Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, and Nova Scotia however she currently specializes in trips to Mexico and the Caribbean! When it comes to travel advice, she recommends experiencing nature while you travel, packing light and wearing a great pair of walking shoes.

Personally, Stephanie loves the Maritimes - the food, the scenery, the people. Something about the uniqueness of it makes her believe that everyone should visit this Canadian gem. She has many tips and tricks in her back pocket that she would love to share with you while planning your next trip! By the way – if you’re a Disney lover or your family loves the Harry Potter series, Stephanie has some fantastic ideas on how to make your family Florida adventure super magical.

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