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Suzanne Tesanovic

About Me

Hello and welcome! Suzanne has been helping clients with their travel arrangements since 1984 and after all these years she still enjoys planning every detail of each dream holiday. Over 30 years of experience has given her a lot of time to become a destination specialist in areas all over the world, including river and ocean cruises, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Vietnam, Cambodia, most of the Caribbean, and most of Europe such as Spain, Croatia, Hungary, and Germany – just to name a few.

Suzanne is happy to share any of her travel experiences with you and even learn from yours! She’s passionate about all types of travel and looks forward to sharing her passions with you and watching as they become yours too.

Suzanne loves experiencing her clients' excitement when they plan vacation together. Whether it's a honeymoon, a girls' trip, or a long-awaited trip to a dream destination, she'll share your enthusiasm and make sure you get the trip of a lifetime. Suzanne will help you through the research and planning and make sure your trip is exactly what you expected when you finally get there.

If a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step (according to Lao Tzu), Suzanne hopes to be that first step for you. If you have any questions about your travel planning, she looks forward to helping you make your trip the best it can be.

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