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Tammy Allen

About Me

Growing up in a small town, Tammy had big dreams of exploring the world. She was always fascinated by other cultures and exotic locations, specifically their history and food. Even though she has been able to travel to many places, she finds that her love and fascination for travel has never faded.

Tammy has worked in travel since the year 2000, and has been at AMA since 2008. She loves awakening her clients’ dreams of travel so they can experience something unique in a new destination. Tammy finds Egypt and Costa Rica to be some of the highlights of her travel experiences, along with travelling in Europe.

Tammy is now a cruise specialist and she earned the Sales and Service Award of Excellence for 2015. A bit of travel advice from Tammy: always bring good, comfortable footwear, even on a beach holiday (you will most certainly walk more than you think you will). While Tammy loves a beautiful beach and warm sunny weather, she also loves experiencing the incredible history in countries and civilizations that have been around for centuries. It really makes Canada feel like the much younger sibling in the world.

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