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Tracy Talion

About Me

Tracy started to develop a love for travel at a young age when her mother would show photos of destinations she had visited while working abroad. When high school came around, Tracy jumped at the opportunity to travel to Rome with her school. Immersing herself into the culture, people, and food are among her favorite travel experiences.

Following high school, Tracy studied travel at MacEwan University. She was hired on with AMA after graduating and completing her practicum. She now specializes in North American travel, with certificates for the Vancouver Specialist, Disney College of Knowledge, Go Hawaii certification and University of Visit Florida. Within North America, destinations that Tracy has found particularly amazing include:

Tracy loves planning travel and getting excited with her clients (especially when she has been to the destination they’re booking and she can offer her personalized recommendations!). One of the best tips Tracy offers is to ensure that you know how to stay safe while travelling abroad. “There is a big wonderful world out there to explore and multiple ways of exploring it safely.”

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