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Travel Medical Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance

Our Travel Medical Insurance has provided peace of mind for over 35 years

No matter what part of the world you are travelling in, rest assured knowing that AMA has you covered. Our insurance packages provide affordable, comprehensive coverage, so you won’t break the bank making sure you’re protected.

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Before you travel get emergency medical coverage for your trip for as little as $25

With AMA you get:

  • Emergency Medical and Dental treatment up to $5 million CAD each
  • Multi-Trip plans that provide coverage for an entire year
  • Worldwide access to our toll free helpline 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions, if stability eligibility criteria are met.
We have no age limits to coverage and membership is not required to purchase a plan. Click here to Learn More About Plan Coverage and Eligibility.
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*Depending on age category & medical history.

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Premium Insurance Plan

Protect your travel investment with our full comprehensive coverage. All of the benefits of our Travel Medical Insurance packages plus
  • Trip Interruption and Cancellation Insurance
  • Flight and Travel Accident Insurance
  • Baggage Loss & Damage Insurance

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Visitors to Canada Plan

Plan includes emergency medical coverage of up to $150,000 (CAD) for your family & friends visiting from abroad.You may purchase this plan if you are:
  • A visitor to Canada; or
  • The holder of a Canadian work visa or student visa; or
  • An immigrant to Canada; or
  • A Canadian not covered by a government health insurance plan

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Existing Travel Medical Insurance Holders

Emergency Hotline: 1.855.330.8330 in Canada and mainland U.S.
+1.519.988.7039 collect from anywhere else.
Email if calling is not possible:

Frequently Asked Questions – Travel Medical Insurance Plans

Have more insurance questions? Contact a travel expert.

I’m an AMA Member, Do I Get a Discount?

AMA members always save 10% on travel medical insurance.

Why do I need Travel Medical Insurance?You never know what will happen! Protect yourself against unforeseen expenses while you are travelling, with additional emergency travel medical insurance. Medical emergencies that occur outside Canada are significantly more expensive than at home, and your Government Health Care coverage becomes limited as soon as you are outside your home province and country.

What Type of Travel Medical Insurance Package is Right For Me?
  • The Multi-Trip Annual Plan is perfect for frequent travellers who love the convenience of purchasing once and travelling all year. The plan provides 365 days of coverage within Canada and 4, 8, 15, 30, or 60 days per trip outside Canada – as many times as you want throughout the year.
  • The Single Trip plan is great for a one-time trip, up to one-year long (365 days).
  • For More Plan Options, including top-up insurance plans and family plans, call AMA Travel at 1-866-989-6595.
Am I Eligible?

Travel Medical Insurance coverage is available if you:

  • Are an Alberta resident
  • Are insured under a valid Canadian Government Health Care policy
  • Meet the eligibility requirements and plan qualifications
  • Purchase the policy before you have left Alberta

You are not eligible for any coverage under this policy if your trip is booked or undertaken:

  • Contrary to medical advice;
  • After receiving a diagnosis of terminal illness with less than 6 months to live;
  • While you require kidney dialysis;
  • If you have ever had an organ transplant (except cornea transplant);
  • If you have been diagnosed with and/or received medical treatment for metastatic cancer in the last five years;
  • If you have been prescribed or taken home oxygen for a lung condition in the last 12 months
What is Covered?
  • Emergency Medical Treatment for up to $5million CAD
  • Emergency Dental Expenses up to 5million CAD
  • Medical Repatriation up to 5Million CAD
  • Return of Remains up to $5Million CAD
  • Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation up to $5,000
  • 24hours Phone Support
  • Multi-Trip plans that provide coverage for multiple trips for an Entire Year up to 60 consecutive days
Do I Have to Answer a Medical Questionnaire to Get Coverage?

Customers 55 years of age and older are required to complete a Medical Questionnaire. This will determine the plan and best premium for your personal needs.

View Medical Insurance Questionnaire

I have Credit Card or Employer Coverage – Isn’t That Enough?

While your credit card or employer coverage may seem to be sufficient, they all have different benefits, exclusions and limitations. Consider these points when reviewing your other coverage:

  • Who is covered?
  • Only you as the card holder, your spouse, your children?
  • Duration of trip allowed for coverage?
  • There may be a limit on the number of days you can be travelling, with no extension allowance. Does it include coverage for Air Ambulance or Medical Repatriation?

Still have questions?

For all travel insurance answers, contact us at 1-866-989-6595 or review the AMA Travel Insurance Policy Booklet.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Premium Insurance Plans

For Travel + Medical

Have more insurance questions? Contact a travel expert.

Why do I need Travel Insurance?

Life happens – an unexpected and unforeseen event can occur at anytime, to anyone. Many things happen which are out of your control and travel insurance has numerous benefits that may cover you, should you need to change or cancel your travel plans. Additionally, travel products that you purchase may be non-refundable, so you will want to protect your investment.

What does Travel Insurance Cover?
  • Premium Package – provides you with full comprehensive coverage including emergency medical, trip cancellation/interruption, baggage loss and delay, and flight/travel accident. Multi-trip Annual Premium Package coverage is also available for frequent travellers, which provides coverage on trips outside Canada for 9, 16 or 30 days each time you travel.
  • Non-Medical Package Plan – for the traveler who has emergency medical coverage but requires the benefits of cancellation/interruption or loss of baggage. To purchase this plan option, please call AMA Travel at 1-888-799-1522.
  • Trip Cancellation – provides coverage in the event you have to cancel your trip before you leave. If something happens during your trip, it may even cover your interruption and delay. To purchase this plan option, please call AMA Travel at 1-888-799-1522.
Who Can Buy Trip Cancellation/Interruption Coverage From AMA Travel?

You must be an Alberta resident, and your travel arrangements have been purchased through a licensed travel supplier - involving travel to, from or within Canada. Trip Cancellation/Interruption coverage may be purchased separately or as part of a Package plan. To discuss plan options, contact AMA Travel at 1-888-799-1522.

When is the Best Time to Buy My Policy?

Coverage for Trip Cancellation/Interruption is meant to protect you from the moment you secure your travel plans with a payment, so purchase your travel insurance policy at the same time – even if you are simply making a deposit with final payment later on.

Do I Have to Fill Out any Medical Forms to Buy This Insurance?

A medical questionnaire does not need to be completed in order to purchase AMA Travel Insurance (Trip Cancellation/Interruption), however, any pre-existing conditions (medical or other) must be stable and controlled prior to purchase of your policy and prior to your departure date.

Still have questions?

For all travel insurance answers, contact us at 1-866-989-6595 or review the Travel Insurance Policy Booklet.

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