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Multi-Trip Travel Medical Insurance

Multi-Trip Medical Plan Benefits

Multi-Trip Travel Medical Insurance Benefits

The easiest and most cost-effective option for cross-border shoppers, business travellers, or anyone who travels more than once a year.

With AMA Travel Insurance you get:
  • Emergency medical and dental treatment up to $5 million
  • Flexible deductible that can save you up to 45% off your premium
  • Automatic extension of coverage if departure delayed
  • Worldwide access to our toll-free helpline 24 hours, 7 days a week

Why Choose AMA Travel Insurance

  • No age limit (most credit cards have a limit of 65)
  • Getting a quote takes 5 minutes or less depending on age and medical history
  • We cover pre-existing conditions if health stability criteria are met
  • Direct-pay claim settlements, when possible, so you don’t pay out of pocket

Multi-Trip Medical Plan Emergency Travel Insurance

Our Multi-Trip Annual Plan is perfect for frequent travellers who love the convenience of purchasing once and travelling all year. This plan provides 365 days of coverage within Canada and 15, 30, or 60 days per trip outside Canada—as many times as you want throughout the year.

CAA/AMA members always save 10%
Your Travel Medical Insurance Coverage card is immediately emailed to you.

Choose an Insurance Plan That Fits You

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Multi-Trip Medical Plan

Annual Premium Packages

Emergency medical care up to $5 million
Multi-Trip Medical Plan
Annual Premium Package
Medical Repatriation
Multi-Trip Medical Plan
Annual Premium Package
Return of Remains
Multi-Trip Medical Plan
Annual Premium Package
Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation
Multi-Trip Medical Plan
Annual Premium Package
Medical Follow-up in Canada
Multi-Trip Medical Plan
Annual Premium Package
Trip Cancellation and Interruption
Multi-Trip Medical Plan
Annual Premium Package
Flight and accident insurance
Multi-Trip Medical Plan
Annual Premium Package
Baggage loss and damage
Multi-Trip Medical Plan
Annual Premium Package
Unlimited number of trips for an entire year (up to the number of days selected)
Multi-Trip Medical Plan
Annual Premium Package
Automatic coverage nationwide when your trip days are entirely in Canada
Multi-Trip Medical Plan
Annual Premium Package

More Coverage Options for Multi-Trip

Top-Up Your Policy

  • If you decide to extend your trip on the go, we make it easy for top-ups to insurance coverage already in progress.
  • NOTE: You can only request top-ups before your policy expires.

BounceBack Insurance

  • BounceBack Insurance reimburses you up to $2,000 for round trip transportation expenses to return you back home from your trip destination and within your period of coverage and return you back to your trip destination in the event of an immediate family member or housing emergency.

Top-Up your Policy or add BounceBack Insurance by contacting an AMA travel insurance specialist at 1-866-989-6595.

Frequently Asked Questions – Multi-Trip Medical Plan

Have more insurance questions? Contact a travel insurance specialist.

Am I eligible?

Travel medical insurance coverage is available if you:

  • Are an Alberta resident
  • Are insured under a valid Canadian provincial or territorial government health insurance plan (GHIP)
  • Meet the eligibility requirements and plan qualifications
  • Purchase the policy before you have left Alberta

You are not eligible for any policy coverage if your trip is booked or undertaken:

  • Contrary to medical advice
  • While you require kidney dialysis;
  • After receiving a diagnosis of terminal illness with less than 6 months to live
  • If you have ever had an organ transplant (except cornea transplant)
  • If you have been diagnosed with and/or received medical treatment for metastatic cancer in the last five years
  • If you have been prescribed or taken home oxygen for a lung condition in the last 12 months
Doesn’t my Alberta Health Care cover me when I travel in Canada?

While you’re covered for medical services in Canadian provinces and territories outside of Alberta, things like ambulance, air ambulance, return of vehicle, return of deceased, family transportation to bedside, emergency dental, eye glass or hearing aide replacement are not covered by Alberta Health Care. It is important to note that Quebec does not have the same reciprocal billing processes for Alberta Health Care expenses such as hospitalization, doctors, x-rays, and more, so additional travel insurance coverage is recommended.

Outside Canada: AHC pays $100 CND / day for hospital expenses and $50 CND / day for out patient care

How do I ensure any eligible claims won’t be denied?
  • Read and fill out the Medical Questionnaire carefully. If you forget to note down a certain health condition, this could render your Policy void. Remember: Even long-term and unused prescriptions must be disclosed. See medical questionnaire.
  • Be aware certain claims aren’t covered. These include planned procedures (e.g. back surgery in the U.S.), routine checkups, or unstable pre-existing health conditions (e.g. heart attack a month before departure).
  • Policy purchased too late. A travel insurance policy is not valid if you purchase it after you have left on vacation or if an injury/illness has already happened.
What does Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption insurance cover?
  • Unexpected situations that cause cancellation prior to departure as well as misconnections, interruptions, or delays to your planned trip.
  • Payment for non-refundable amounts prior to departure or extra out-of-pocket expenses due to travel delays, up to the sums insured.
  • You also get bonus coverage that will allow for a 50% recovery if your trip is cancelled more than 24 hours before departure. This “Cancel for Any Reason” truly means any reason. You’ll accept 50% risk and your AMA Travel Insurance Policy will accept the other 50% risk of cancellation.
What happens if my flight is delayed and I miss my next flight, cruise, or tour?

We provide up to $2,500 for reimbursement of change fee or new one-way economy flight to next destination and unused days of cruise or tour. Most other coverages, like credit card protection, will have a much lower limit for reimbursements. Consult our travel insurance policy booklet for a full list of reasons covered.

Still have questions?

For all travel insurance answers, contact us at 1-866-989-6595 or review the Travel Insurance Policy Booklet.

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