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The 7 Islands Photo Challenge

AMA Travel loves sharing stories. From writing articles with tips for other travellers to highlighting great experiences you’ve had while exploring the world. And we are always looking for more stories to share.

We want more people to share their stories. That’s why we’re giving extra entries into the 7 Islands Travel Contest to those who upload photos of their adventures abroad.

That way, you inspire other travellers with your stories and photos and be part of our community of travel lovers!

Photo Guidelines & Examples

Here are some basic tips and examples to keep in mind when selecting those perfect moments to share.


Use Only Original Photos

No submissions will be accepted if they are found to belong to another person/copyright from an external source.


Share Beautiful Photos

With people or without – photos of landmarks, places, or anything else you fancy! Make sure you’re sharing your very best and that the photos aren’t blurry, don’t contain sensitive content, and really showcase the moment.


Minimum Size Requirements

All photos must be a minimum of 100KB to ensure photos are of high enough quality to use online.

You can upload up to 5MB files.


Photo Permissions

If your photo includes people other than yourself, please ensure you have their permission before submitting. You can choose to tag them in the form below for photo credit, or they can remain anonymous.

Examples From Our Travel Community

Submit Your Travel Photo