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Adventures by Disney

Adventures by Disney

Disney will take you by plane, coach, or river cruise through locations as exotic as Cambodia and the Galapagos Islands to the mainstays of Ireland and Italy.

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Why Travel With Disney?

Disney Adventure guides will entertain and educate as you travel, each being a master of their respective locations

They customize trip activities according to their guests' age: Kids may be taken somewhere to explore while the adults enjoy a tour through a vineyard or other relaxing activity

You’ll see marvels that are exclusive to Disney travellers

Disney Destinations

Disney Adventures Destinations - Japan
Experience Japan

Discover Japan, the island nation that embodies its ancient culture while embracing the modern world. From an isolated mountain village to Tokyo, the capital city where sacred shrines stand in the shadow of skyscrapers, you’ll embrace the people and customs of this proud country.

Disney Adventures Destinations - Wyoming
Wild Winter in Wyoming

After dog sledding you’ll slip into a delightful hot spring, see Yellowstone’s National Park draped in snow, and take an evening sleigh ride through the mountains.

Disney Adventures Destinations - Rhine River Cruise
Rhine River Cruise

See Switzerland, France, Germany, and Holland aboard a Disney river cruise. Each stop will feature wines and foods from the region, along with other fascinating attractions, such as tours of vineyards, a chocolate museum, and a heritage brewery.

Disney Adventures Destination - South Africa
South Africa Expedition

Do you love animals? What about penguins, lions, rhinos, and elephants? Come on a safari with Disney to see all of these and more, along with hikes through nature reserves and views of mountain vistas.

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From $10,699 USD (tour-only)
Departures May - October 2019


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