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Insight Vacations

Insight Vacations - Where Coach Means Comfort

If you think coach tours are cramped, rushed, or dull, you have yet to experience an Insight vacation. They offer an inspiring look into their world-wide destinations – such as Italy, France, Spain, Indochina, Australia, and more – provide the experiences to really get to know where you’re visiting, and do it all while offering ample legroom.

You'll love an Insight Coach tour if...

    You're looking for a mix of structure and flexibility
    You've enjoyed coach tours before (70% of their clientele are repeat customers)
    You love meeting the locals and learning about their culture
    You're interested in seeing the big sights and a couple of hidden gems along the way
    You thrive in comfort and high-end service

The Insight Difference

Insight has cornered the market when it comes to comfort. Their coaches are a marvel to travel in because, unlike most, each coach has had 12 seats removed from the usual 52, meaning all that extra space now provides ample legroom for each guest.

Each seat also tips back to allow for naps on long drives (though who would want to miss all the panoramic scenery?). All of this, combined with air-conditioning and complimentary Wi-Fi, makes Insight coaches the height of comfort.

But it’s not just the coaches that our AMA members love:


Hand-picked hotels that are ideally situated – like the iconic Ashford Castle in Ireland or the Hotel Bauer Palladio in Venice – mean that adventure and rest will only be a few blocks apart.

Expert Guides

Their Travel Director's really know their stuff! They’ll bring out the magic of your surroundings with their descriptions, offer recommendations for every place you visit, and put you in contact with locals who can really speak to the personal experience of living there.


Your dining experiences will connect you to the heart and soul of where you are visiting. From your welcome dinner, to Dine-Around recommendations, to the downhome feel of sharing a meal with a local family. Your Highlight Dinner will include entertainment: you may be serenaded by a gypsy band in Budapest, or watch flamenco dancing in Spain!

Insight and Treadright -  Clean Travel  Makes for a  Clean Conscience 

As part of Insight’s partnership with the TreadRight Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to spreading sustainable tourism practices, Insight endeavors to make its tours as ecologically responsible as possible.

  • Coach tours leave the smallest carbon footprint of any style of travel, even less than rail
  • Insight tours help sustain small local communities, some with traditions that are over 10,000 years old
  • Special accommodations are made for tours that go through parks or natural landmarks to conserve their unique ecosystem

Insight Has a Travel Style That's Right for You

Everyone has their own particular way they like to see the world, and Insight has a travelling itinerary to fit every taste and pace.

Regional Experiences

Centered around a single locale, you’ll be immersed in the culture of your choosing.

Luxury Gold

Five-star hotels, Michelin-rated meals, exclusive tours. A banquet of experiences is laid out for you with Luxury Gold tours. Discover more about Luxury Gold tours.

Country Roads

Off the beaten path often lay the best of friends and rarest of memories. Trade in the high-end hotels (well, at least some) for quaint accommodations that give you a real taste of country living.

Easy Pace

A minimum of three nights in any location gives you the time to soak in your surroundings and discover their secrets.


If you have between 9-40 people that you want to travel with on one of Insight's set departures, you will receive extra benefits like extra discounts or free seats.

Special Interest

Have a fondness for beer and want to take in Oktoberfest? Love flowers and want to go to the famous Chelsea flower show? Limited-offer special interest tours place you in locations that immerse you in your passion.

Discovery Journeys

You want to see it all? Well you’ll get to with Discovery Journeys that take you through numerous European countries, giving you the best of their culture and cuisine.

My Insight Story

“I realize we were spoiled for future tours by seeing Insight first. It was wonderful. Our tour director was first class. I couldn't imagine doing that with 50+ people (we had 36) on a less luxurious coach with a disorganized or less engaged director. Learned a book full of history, drank lots of wine, and sampled all the local fare we could. No doubt you'll hear from us again.”

Nancy – Edmonton, Alberta

Chart the Difference with Insight

To show the difference booking with Insight makes, we’ve compared three coach tours so you see how the typical vacation is made less typical by Insight.


AMA's Inside Guide to Insight Vacations Coach Tours

If we've whet your appetite and you need to know more about Insight, download our free eBook! Inside you'll fine tons of secrets onl coach experts know:
  • What to pack on your trip
  • Interesting Insight iteneraries you may not have considered
  • AMA travel experts' answers to frequently asked questions
  • And much more!

Why Book With AMA

An Insight Vacations standard is to offer 10% off if guests book their trip far enough in advance. Plus, if you’re an AMA member, we will give you an extra $150 per person discount as an exclusive benefit that you won't get anywhere else. Make sure to book before the end of January to secure your spot and get the best savings on your dream Insight Vacation!

Our Counsellor Service Guarantee

You can be confident that your Insight specialist will make planning and booking your next coach tour vacation easy and stress-free, plus we’re with you before, during, and after your trip.

We guarantee we’re worth it. If you’re not completely happy with our service, we’ll make it right, and refund the booking fee.

24/7 Support

If you ever need help abroad, just call our Alberta-based travel emergency support team.

Get Help Planning and Booking Your Insight Coach Tour

Your Insight specialist will:

Research among hundreds of tour offers to find you the best Insight deals
Recommend itinerary options that will give you the best experience depending on your travel style
Share knowledge of what to wear, where to go, and other secrets so you can have an unforgettable trip with no muss or fuss
Coordinate and book your flights, pre- or post-night hotels and transfers to guarantee every detail is looked after
Ensure you have the proper documents to visit each country and inform you of any travel advisories

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