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Trafalgar - The Next Best Thing to Living There

With a Trafalgar guided tour, you're seeing a destination the way it was meant to be seen: You're invited into a family's home for a meal like a friend, you'll not only watch artisans at their craft but they'll explain their expertise to you, and your Trafalgar travel director will be with you every step of the way to offer suggestions to make this your best vacation ever.

You'll love a Trafalgar tour if...

You like to watch the countryside go by between destinations
You want a mix of free time, scheduled activities, and optional experiences
You don't want to have to plan all the nitty-gritty details
You love learning about other cultures from the locals themselves
You want VIP experiences and hand-picked accommodations
You want to take a vacation by yourself, with a partner, or your family

Trafalgar Gives You an Insider Experience

Many companies promise to deliver the most genuine experience of your destination, but only Trafalgar uses five points to uncover the secrets buried beneath the surface layer of your locale, helping you to dig deeper into your surroundings.

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Travel Directors - They really know their stuff. Many of Trafalgar’s travel directors have been with the company for a long time, and they’ll spend the tour at your side, learning your preferences and making suggestions based on them.

Authentic Accommodations - Whether it’s a room in a castle, an estate carved out of the side of a mountain, or an important part of the local culture’s history, Trafalgar believes your accommodations should be as interesting as the destinations themselves!

Cultural Insights - So often, tours will show you all of the must-sees, but seeing the tourist spots means you miss out on what it’s really like to live there. Trafalgar will take you to all the biggest sites (and even get you in without having to wait in line, or into spots closed off to the public) but it’s the small pieces of culture, like going to see the local team play a game of soccer, that will really make your experience unique compared to thousands of others.

"Be My Guest" Dining - Be invited into a family’s home to share a meal. Discuss the dishes and how they were made. Discover what it’s like to live there from table conversation. Can there be any more fulfilling way to learn?

Local Specialists - Walking down cobblestone streets, you may stop to watch a potter shape his clay or an artist of sorbet make her treats. With Trafalgar, you have intimate meetings with these artisans, who will tell you their story and share their influences.

Trafalgar Vacations are TreadRight Approved

The TreadRight Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to spreading sustainable tourism practices, is a longstanding partner of Trafalgar, meaning your vacation will be environmentally responsible and support local culture in a way that is mutually beneficial.

Trafalgar - About - TreadRight Logo
Coach tours leave the smallest carbon footprint of any vehicular transport, even less than rail
Small local communities, some with traditions that are over 10,000 years old, are made to benefit from the tourism
Environmental landmarks are well cared for and precautions are always taken to maintain their ecological health
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Trafalgar's Travel Styles

Every passenger on a Trafalgar tour is as unique as the destinations. That’s why Trafalgar offers a number of travel styles to accommodate many travel interests.

Trafalgar - About - Regional Explorer Icon

Regional Explorer

Become an expert in a specific region, even those that might span two countries.

Trafalgar - About - Country Explorer Icon

Country Explorer

Learn everything there is to know about one country.

Trafalgar - About - Country Explorer Icon

At Leisure

Take it slow with longer stays, later starts, and a simpler pace.

Trafalgar - About - Family Vacations Icon

Family Experiences

Not sure if you can please everyone, including the kids AND grandparents, on a trip? Trafalgar can!

Trafalgar - About - Combination Journeys Icon

Cruise or Rail Journeys

It’s not all just coaches! Trains, rails, and cruises will help you get where you’re going.

Trafalgar - About - Special Interest Icon

Special Interest

Are you a history buff? A foodie? These trips center around your specific interest.

Trafalgar - About - Discoveries Icon


Hit the highlights of several countries in one trip.

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City Explorer

Discover the ins-and-outs of an immense metropolis

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Their CostSaver subsidiary offers great savings on great trips.


Download our Trafalgar Ebook

Want the best tips for how to enjoy your Trafalgar vacation? Just download our free ebook! It’s includes:
  • Insider Experiences
  • Choice trips
  • Different Travel Styles
  • and more!

Why Book a Trafalgar Vacation with AMA

Member Benefits

Our members receive additional savings and benefits on their Europe or Britain vacation.

  • If you book and pay in full by January 31, 2019, you’ll receive 10% off your vacation, plus an extra $150 off per person Exclusive AMA Member savings.
  • Receive an $80 optional experience voucher per person on select 2019 Europe and Britain vacations.

Our Counsellor Service Guarantee

You can be confident that your AMA Travel Trafalgar specialist will make planning and booking your next guided vacation tour easy and stress-free, plus we’re with you before, during, and after your trip.

We guarantee we’re worth it. If you’re not completely happy with our service, we’ll make it right.

24/7 Support

If you ever need help abroad, just call our Alberta-based travel emergency support team.


Get Help Planning and Booking Your Trafalgar Coach Tour

Your AMA Travel Trafalgar specialist will:

Research among hundreds of tour offers to find you the best Trafalgar deals
Recommend itinerary options that will give you the best experience depending on your travel style
Share knowledge of what to wear, where to go, and other secrets so you have an unforgettable trip without any headache
Coordinate and book your flights, pre- or post-night hotels and transfers to guarantee every detail is looked after
Set up the right travel insurance package for you
Ensure you have the proper documentation to visit each country, and inform you of any travel advisories

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