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Amazing Destinations Need That Much Longer

The beautiful thing about a long-stay vacation is that you get to spend the extra time to really connect with a place, like a local. Seven days at a resort is fine for most people, but if you’re visiting a city or region full of amazing food, music, sights, and people, you’re going to want to use that time to soak up as much as want and not feel rushed. Going home after only a week is tough. Now you don’t have to.

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What you should know about Long-Stay Vacations

What else makes a long-stay vacation special?
  • Enjoy savings. The longer you stay, the more savings you receive. Also, long stays are generally in low-season, so prices are lower.
  • Feel like a local. You have the time to immerse yourself in the local culture and meet the local people.
  • Cook your own meals. Add to your cost savings by creating your own meals in your full kitchen and not eating out every night. You’ll also have a chance to shop locally and try new ingredients.
  • Experiences. Discover hidden gems, eat amazing food and try new things.
Just how long is a long-stay vacation?

A long-stay (or extended-stay) vacation, is a type of trip that goes longer than the usual weeklong timeframe. Most long-stay vacations we create stretch on between 21 days to a month. However, if you’d like to stay longer, your AMA travel agent will be happy to suggest vacation packages that maximize your time and budget.

What are the best destinations for long-stay vacations?

We like to think that staying for an extended period in any destination will give you a deeper appreciation for it. But our most popular long-stay destinations include Portugal, Spain, Italy, and French Riviera.

What makes somewhere a good long-stay destination?

All travellers have different interests. But especially popular long-stay vacation destinations tend to have consistently warm weather, lots of local history to discover, great restaurants, an abundant art scene, and friendly people.

What should I look for in a family-friendly long-stay hotel?
  • No extra charge for kids sleeping in the same room with their parents.
  • A refrigerator and microwave so you can store and prepare snacks and breakfast food.
  • A lobby convenience store for fruit and other lunch items you can pack for the day.
  • A hotel park or play space can help the kids burn off some steam before bed without disturbing other guests.
  • A babysitting service if you’d like to go out for a few hours without the kids.
Do I need travel medical insurance?

Although proof of travel medical insurance is not required to visit most destinations, we strongly recommend you purchase insurance whenever you travel, especially if you’re going to be away for an extended period. That’s because your provincial healthcare only covers you within Alberta.

How do I protect my home while on a long-stay vacation?
  • Like to share pictures and vacation updates on social media? Keep your privacy settings locked to people you trust. Or else this can be an invitation for a burglar to know you’re away from home.
  • Don’t leave out a spare key in a common, unsecure spot: under the mat, in the mailbox, under a potted plant, etc
  • Use an electrical timer and have a friend or neighbor shovel your walk and keep an eye on your home.
  • In the winter, turn off your water supply so your pipes don’t freeze.