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In 1996, a small airline company based out of Alberta started selling flights to Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, Vancouver, and Winnipeg. Twenty years later, WestJet has become a gentle giant in the Canadian travel business, offering flights to over 100 destinations with nationally recognized customer service.

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A Flight Experience You Can Look Forward To

So often, flying is a hassle. Long lines, lost baggage, short-tempered flight attendants: it all makes taking a trip a total chore.

WestJet is different. They send you off with personable service, quick direct flights, and a number of departure dates so you can have the trip you want to take.

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Amazing Customer Service

In 2016, they were ranked as Canada's most trusted airline, and have been nominated as one of the best employers in Canada. And, happy workers make for great service. They also make a point to never overbook their flights.

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Schedule Flexibility

Some airlines only fly to their vacation destinations once a week, meaning you have to plan your trip in seven-day increments. With WestJet, your vacation can last nine days, 11 days, 13 days, or however many you like.

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Online Entertainment

WestJet’s Connect service means your personal laptop, tablet, or phone can access their movies, as well as your social media accounts online (and before you ask, video streaming services like YouTube and Netflix are not allowed, unfortunately).

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WestJet Plus

No fees for flight changes within 24 hours of booking, pre-reserved seats, priority screening at certain airports, complimentary food and beverages (including alcohol) are just a few of the benefits.

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Huge Flight Savings

WestJet is considered #1 for seat sales in Canada.

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